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Hi, I'm Mohammad Muddassir Altaf

A warm welcome to my website...

I am an international consultant, coach and trainer. Coaching is close to my heart. It has transformed my life inside out. I have a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro Science based coaching and training. My claim to 10,000 hours of experience has come rubbing shoulders predominantly with senior management and mid-level leaders on the corporate corridors while coaching and training them. This is where I found my deeper purpose and “The Little Giants” is a result of it. Now, I am living on the edge, doing what I do best passionately, beyond the realms of a cubical.


Let me introduce you to the people who have made a difference to me. As a guru. As a mentor. As a coach. As a friend. It is an honor to know them. They are a role model in their own way, in what they do and in making this world a better place.

Sue Knight – An exemplar at holding space. Author of best-seller NLP@Work, pioneered the introduction of NLP to the workplace and winner of 2017 ANLP Awards in Business Category.

Ramesh Prasad – A confidant, NLP trainer and owner of Onefluencer. His influence is having ripples in many facets of my life.

Ashok Subramaniam - A tough teacher, owner of Shinota Consulting. Has stirred my thoughts and provoked me to heights.

Colleen Lightbody - A super-mom, brain-guru, owner of Brain Wise Coaching & Learning Systems and CEO NLI(Neuro Leadership Institute) South Africa.

Anne Heslop - My Mentor-coach at NLI(Neuro Leadership Institute), executive & strategy coach and owner, Anne Heslop Associates

Dr. Nicola Graham - My Ennegram tutor, owner of thoughtsmiths, South Africa and medical doctor by profession.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - An exemplar of humility and a giver, world’s #1 coach and thinker, author of best-sellers Triggers, Mojo.

And there are many more people who have been supporting me in my journey knowingly and unknowingly.


The Little Giants is a coaching organisation focused on building a coaching culture in organisations, homes, societies and communities where we live.

We offer 1o1 coaching to leaders in order to support them in finding out who they are in the depth of their core and to identify their higher purpose. And did you know anyone can be a leader?

We train leaders and coaches in becoming the best versions of themselves to make a positive difference in their world.


Coaching is still widely misunderstood. May be you are visualizing training as you are reading this. Pause. Let me clarify. Training is providing information, demonstrating application, and leading learning exercises. Executive or business coaching is completely different.


Coaching Mastery - Basics

Facilitator: Mohammad Muddassir



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