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    What is Coaching?
    Coaching is holding space until the individual is ready to listen
    to his/her inner voice to be guided.

Coaching is still widely misunderstood. May be you are visualizing training as you are reading this. Pause. Let me clarify. Training is providing information, demonstrating application, and leading learning exercises. Executive or business coaching is completely different. People tend to often use “coaching” and “mentoring,” interchangeably in the workplace. Again, the two are completely different.

How is a trainer and a mentor different from a coach?

  • A trainer and a mentor talk—a coach listens. Listens deeply.
  • A trainer and a mentor give advice—a coach asks questions. Clean questions.
  • A trainer and a mentor focus on imparting knowledge and the process for achieving outcomes—a coach focuses on enhancing the coachee’s self-awareness and facilitating the individual’s goal-setting and action-planning processes.
  • A trainer and a mentor assume the role of the expert—a coach empowers the client through active listening and thoughtful questioning to become the expert.

As you are gaining clarity on the differences between the role of a trainer, a mentor and a coach. You are becoming aware of how a coach develops expertise and confidence in you and is essentially a facilitator.

Both approaches provide value. A trainer or a mentor adds value by sharing information, making connections, and giving advice. A coach adds value by guiding the coachee to explore his or her options, expand their thinking, develop effective action plans, and follow through.

Who can take advantage of Coaching?

Anybody who wants to make a positive difference in their world from the inside and outside. Effectively, everybody.

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