Building a Coaching Culture in Organisations

1o1 coaching is focussed on supporting the individual’s inner world which has an effect on their outer world.

When you want to build a highly spirited team - not just engaged - that delivers “masterpieces” time and again within the value framework of the organisation, then the focus must be on installation of an ecosystem that is supportive of coaching atmosphere.

To achieve this, the organisation needs to pay attention to hiring people with coaching mindset. What gets rewarded gets done. What gets appreciated gets repeated. Incentivise behaviour as well as results. Coaching behaviour is driven top down, ingrained in the leadership style and management practices of the organisation.

This creates an empowering culture where employees don’t fear making mistakes. There is no failure, only feedback. The role of the leadership should be to encourage employees constantly, to speak-up, bring out their authentic self, allow space for exploring new possibilities (which can lead to innovation) and not discourage mistakes/errors. When an employee knows he/she has made a mistake, then he/she often knows the fix. All they require is space. Incase they don’t realise their mistake, instead of telling, managers and leaders can seek permission to share their observations as feedback. The intention is to build awareness and allowing the individual to come up with a solution to fix it.

Leaders should take complete ownership and accountability for their behaviours and actions inside AND outside the boardroom.

Coaching behaviours
  • Respecting the space
  • Encouraging to build self-esteem & self belief
  • Dispel fear & disempowering thoughts
  • Responsibility & Accountability


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