Purposeful Living (Level 1)

About the Programme

    Purposeful Living (Level 1) is a bespoke NLP & Three Principles programme designed for you allowing you to connect with your true self. This is one of a kind programme which enables one to access their innate wellbeing and to connect to their higher self.

    Our schooling system usually conditions us on how to feed the intellect and bring-out our most smart self to achieve things. As we grow in life, we realise this is only one part of life and does not work e.g. in a relationship with self & others. We start accessing our emotions to connect with people and we realise there is no straight jacket approach to relationship. And we find ways & means to connect with others. Over a period of time, we recognise our desires and aspirations in acquiring & achieving stuff is not enough for our innate wellbeing. And the search begins

    For those of you who are searching, this Programme helps you declutter your mind and find ways of living with a higher purpose.

    Programme Outcome includes

    • Discovering the universal principles behind life
    • Raising above the survival rat race to finding your higher purpose and beginning to live it in the now
    • Coming alive to childlike being again, full of life
    • Beginning to recognise our innate knowing/wisdom
    • Accessing the pure space within, which connects self to the inner world and the world outside
    • Freeing-up self to the noise outside and the noise inside
    • Recognising the difference between inner ‘noise’ and ‘guidance’
    • Finding resourcefulness within the self
    • Becoming aware of the current thinking patterns and their effects. And recognising the choice to change the patterns for a desirable outcome
    • Finding a congruent outcome inline to who you are
    • Becoming aware of your language with self & others. And developing flexibility in thinking and language which has the potential to change your life inside-out
    • Freeing-up self from the burden of thoughts
    • Reconnecting with our innate wellbeing and to access absolute freedom of free spirit
    • Learning to use the creative potential within to create the world we aspire for
    • Learning to reset our internal system to default factory setting to connect to the higher self

Programme is for anyone who

  • Wants to discover their higher purpose - a drive to lead a life of purpose
  • Is looking for a career change and want support in aligning their needs & aspiration to a desire to make a difference inside-out
  • Is searching for meaning in life & finds it missing currently in some way or other
  • Wants to lead authentically in their organisational role & life
  • Wants to rise above the rat race at work & beyond and wants to lead a life of significance
  • Wants to make a difference to self and others authentically
  • Wants more, not necessarily in material things yet has a calling to do something different

Purposeful Living (Level 1)

Programme Dates:
6th, 7th, 13th and 14th June 2020
15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd August 2020
26th, 27th September, 3rd and 4th October 2020
(Book on your convenient date)

Time: 5.00 PM to 8.00pm IST

Facilitator: Muddassir and Muzzammil

Location: Online - Zoom

Early Bird: INR 7499/- (till 15 days prior to the program date)

Regular: INR 9999/-

What is NLP?

John Grinder, co-founder of NLP, defines Neuro Linguistic Programming as the process of 'Modelling the excellence in others’

Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, defines Neuro Linguistic Programming as the study of successful behaviour i.e the internal behaviour and the thought pattern that produces that success.

Often people who do things exceptionally well take for granted some of the things they do.
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