Purposeful Living (Level 2)

About the Programme

Purposeful Living (Level 2) is a bespoke NLP & Three Principles programme designed to give you a deep-dive experience into the core of NLP & the three principles in action. It’s a practitioner programme allowing you to learn the tools of NLP & the three principles real time.

These are some of the outcomes

  • Experience paradigm shifts in the way you think, communicate and act in life
  • Listening to yourself and others in a clean way which uplifts the soul of self and others
  • Learning to respect your mind and body
  • Finding the state of balance between what you need vs what you want
  • Learning to embrace the differences - the choice to deepen our connection with self and with the outside world (people & ecosystem)
  • Developing flexibility in the way you think and use language which has a direct influence on our outcomes of life
  • Coaching self and others in a clean way which has a profound effect on your relationship with self & others
  • Learning to embrace your deepest truths which enables you to integrate your life completely congruent with the core of who you are
  • Discovering the essence of excellence in self and perhaps more importantly in others - learning to value the gifts of life and leveraging on it to live a life of significance
  • Discovering your larger purpose of life that gives you the choice to define ’Success’ in your terms
  • Recognising the needs of the mind, body and the soul. And finding ways to honour them

For Who

Wants to discover their higher purpose - a drive to lead a life of purpose

Is looking for a career change and want support in aligning their needs & aspiration to a desire to make a difference inside-out

Is searching for meaning in life & finds it missing currently in some way or other

Wants to lead authentically in their organisational role & life

Wants to rise above the rat race at work & beyond and wants to lead a life of significance

Wants to make a difference to self and others authentically

Wants more, not necessarily in material things yet has a calling to do something different

Purposeful Living (Level 2)

Programme Dates:
26 and 27 September 2020
3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th October 2020
(Book on your convenient date)

Time: 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM IST

Facilitator: Muddassir and Muzzammil

Location: Online - Zoom

Early Bird Price: INR 18499/- (till 15 days prior to the program date)

Regular Price: INR 24499/-

What is NLP?

John Grinder, co-founder of NLP, defines Neuro Linguistic Programming as the process of 'Modelling the excellence in others’

Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, defines Neuro Linguistic Programming as the study of successful behaviour i.e the internal behaviour and the thought pattern that produces that success.

Often people who do things exceptionally well take for granted some of the things they do.
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