NLP in 144hrs

NLPin144hrs is an NLP practitioner coursetailormade for you in many ways. One way is that we, Muzzammil and Muddassir, began our career in our family business of tailoring custom garments.

Plus, we are both sons and grandsons of tailors.

Our intention is to give you a full immersion experience of NLP so that you achieve what you desire to achieve and more. The learning will be a full body experience.Every bit of the course is based on creating and helping you recognise the real life experiences we are all in and how to take control of it organically.

Between Muzzammil and Muddassir, we have three decades of corporate career.We are naturally inclined to look at application of NLP at work. We have modelled and continue modelling Sue Knight, our guru & teacher, who has pioneered the application of NLP at work. And this application of NLP at work happens from a personal perspective i.e. your model of the world. You get to experience best of both worlds! You can expect to come away from the training having accelerated your ability to create an environment at work & home which is full of love, learning, respect, integrity, possibilities, acceptance and more.

These are some of the outcomes

  • Experience paradigm shifts in the way you think, communicate and act in life
  • Listening to yourself and others in a clean way which uplifts the soul of self and others
  • Learning to respect your mind and body
  • Finding the state of balance between what you need vs what you want
  • Unpacking your strategies in the way you live life - ‘how’ you do what you do and developing choices to alter the strategies for greater results
  • Recognising and strengthening your inner team to align with the truth of who you are
  • Developing flexibility in the way you think and use language which has a direct influence on our outcomes of life
  • Finding resourcefulness within self and ability to tap into others resourceful state of being
  • Learning to challenge your limiting beliefs and embracing new beliefs that can give new meaning to life in the direction you desire
  • Finding congruent outcomes inline with the truth of who you are which can completely change the way you live life
  • Coaching self and others in a clean way which has a profound effect in your relationship with self & others
  • Learning to embrace your deepest truths which enables you to integrate your life completely congruent with the core of who you are
  • Discovering the essence of excellence in self and perhaps more importantly in others - learning to value the gifts of life and leveraging on it to live a life of significance
  • Discovering your larger purpose of life that gives you the choice to define ’Success’ in your own terms

For Who

This program is for anyone who is wanting to make a difference in their personal and professional space.

NLP in 144HRS

Date: November 16 to 21, 2019

Time: IST 09.30am to 5.30pm

Facilitator: Muddassir and Muzzammil

Venue: Chennai

Early Bird Price: INR 26,997 (upto 30-Sep-2019)

Actual Price: INR 29,997

What is NLP?

John Grinder, co-founder of NLP, defines Neuro Linguistic Programming as the process of 'Modelling the excellence in others’

Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, defines Neuro Linguistic Programming as the study of successful behaviour i.e the internal behaviour and the thought pattern that produces that success.

Often people who do things exceptionally well take for granted some of the things they do.
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