Workshop outcomes

  • To understand & experience what real coaching is in its purest form
  • And differentiate it with other forms like mentoring, counselling, consulting, teaching etc
  • Demystifying neuroscience to understand how human mind works and its power..the greatest gift / our supercomputer
  • Coaching mindset and how its different from what we are taught to do in schools, colleges and even by our parents with some exceptions:)
  • Experiencing a world without judgments
  • Engaging in a conversation in a clean way
  • Becoming aware of language one uses with self and others and its effect on your world
  • Paying attention to your inner world and respecting others world
  • Becoming aware of your story/metaphor of life and its effect on your current and future outcomes
  • Learning to coach in a soulful way

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is keen to master the basics of coaching
  • Anyone who wants to create an empowering environment at work and where they live
  • Anyone who wants to improve relationships
  • Anyone who is keen to connect to his / her core of who they are

Coaching Mastery - Basics

Facilitator: Mohammad Muddassir


What is NLP?

Find out what my guru Ramesh Prasad has to say about NLP click here

My another guru and mentor Sue Knight calls it the study of the structure of subjective experience. It is a state of not knowing... an attitude of curiosity openness to feedback.

I call it a way of life ... holistic living. Its about spotting and appreciating the excellence in & around you and you have a choice to ‘model’ it if you want that excellence in you.

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